Shipping + Shopify = Unnecessary Headache

Shopify makes everything easy, but setting up your shipping is still a pain. Figuring it out is time-consuming and frustrating. That time and energy is needed on other parts of your business.

We've stripped everything down and written some easy-to-follow steps to get your stunning website ready to not just sell - but ship!

The checklist walks you through:

  1. Setting up your shipping zones
  2. Setting up your shipping rates and methods
  3. Where to get free packaging materials
  4. How to buy and print your shipping labels
  5. Displaying your shipping rates and policy on your store

Take the sweat out of shipping and focus on what matters the most: growing your business!


Shopify Shipping_Landing_v3-20
Shopify Connecting Accounts_Hero-13

Shipping Should Be Easy

We believe in making shipping the simplest and easiest part of your business. That's why we prepared this checklist to help you get up and shipping as quickly as possible. Make sure you've got everything covered with our quick 5 step process so you can start shipping NOW and get back to promoting your new business!

Make Your Shipping Simple